Uprise Partner Program

Do you know small and medium-sized business leaders? You may be a great fit for our Uprise Partner Program. We’re looking for Partners to introduce us to businesses that could benefit from improved productivity and security.

Partners gain dynamic revenue stream and businesses they refer will run more effectively with improved IT.

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Our Partners

The Uprise Partner Program is perfect for someone who has an established network of businesses already.

You find opportunities and get paid for the connections you make.

Why Partner With Us

Uprise is an award-winning Managed Services and Security organization. We’re among the top 100 Security firms in North America and among the top 500 IT Managed Services firms in North America.

We understand how to use technology to operate, optimize, and transform businesses so they can run more productively and securely.

The clients we serve

Our specialty is serving small and medium-sized businesses.

Our best-fit customers are small and medium-sized businesses that use outdated technology, have frequent outages or experience frustrating technology issues, need new technology to stay competitive, and/or need to guard against security breaches that could cost millions.

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Working more effectively and efficiently relies on solid technology. Whether you have 10 people or 1,000 people on your team, we can help you run your day-to-day business more effectively.

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